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I suppose I should say something about who I think I am.

Just an everyday American from, dairy farm land, Western NY, although I have documented distant relatives that came over on the Mayflower, chased and scalped by native Americans in the French and Indian war, crossed the Delaware with Washington, a General in the Revolutionary War, got two Baptist ministers as great-great and great-great-great grandfathers and more tidbits of family life in the Americas. But as we know, we all have ties from some other universal region, mine are most recently from Europe…

This will date me; I was the last, or very close to it, to be drafted in the US Army during the 1972 lottery and to be clear a Vietnam era Vet (Thank God), taught electronics, theory and troubleshooting for a few years at Fort Belvoir Va. Did the GI bill thing for collage; got myself an AAS in Model Making at the local community college, I like building and designing stuff and figuring out how things work or making them work. Got so many certificates of training I can start a nice camp fire.

One of 5 and father of three, I like futzing around with cars and most of all driving them, working around the house or making up projects for things to do, helping out friends and family. I like my IPA (beer), dry red wine and a glass of The Glenlivet 12yr or Jameson Black Barrel-Select Reserve on occasion. Traveling is a big plus, I figure I got a good 20 to 30yrs left and then I’m out of here.

Worked in a few model/design/engineering/product development shops over the years in a few states; building prototypes, designing, engineering or whatever it took to get the product built, working and out the door. Most recent position as mentor, trainer, support, document writer, lead designer, engineering, product development, computer and customer interface support and setup, etc… With all the latest in computer aided, all things 3D, and global interface…  Hopefully retiring from my current position in 2018 at 66 and moving out of these dam freezing cold, salt laden roads, knee deep snow winters, I’ve personally experienced enough of it.

Oh, I built a working prototype of a mechanism that scared the shit out of me upon activation. So I set it aside for many years. After long personal deliberation I feel it’s time to bring it into the 21st century.

Don’t know how to move forward with this info and numerous spinoffs. Tried to get some interest from NASA, creative entrepreneurs and theoretical scientists; not one acknowledgment of my request for review. Seeing I thought this may have some Biblical interests I requested review from a few science leaning individuals in religious organizations and rejected as not within a current recognized sciences, unbelievable or outright personal fantasy. I guess Nikola Tesla’s ideas would have gotten the same response; thank God he didn’t involve the spiritual community for help with his visions, but oh do they enjoy using his fanatical inventions. Like Tesla my experiences could be considered cheating or worse. This I have no time for; my life’s too short to play the attitude, opinion and pundit debate game; nor do I have any interest in it. There’s no ongoing healthy universal human worth or support in it…

So now where do I go, is the human race that complacent that they dream and pray for a new fulfillment but refuse to change their current condition? Just the possibility of a new adventure scares them into complacency.

Looking for suggestions on how to move this forward or if I should. Even though I have all the skills I don’t have the resources, time or financing to set up a lab/model shop/test facility to do this work. Need to stay at my long commute current position to pay the bills.

Yours truly,
Gary Louis Warren
PO Box 564
Batavia, NY 14021


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