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This document and the book listed below are intended as a starting point for an understanding and background to inventions and information that will be of great benefit to a healthy planet and the human race… But there must be a disciplined understanding in their usage. In general, the human ego fights or rejects the concept of mental discipline and order through creative freedom or boredom, but for any healthy biological system a subconscious mental stability and structural discipline is a must. Examples of this lack of subconscious mental discipline or worth are displayed in the pronounced increase in cancer within the human race. As our conscious attitudes, opinions and judgments sift back through to unstabilize the global subconscious.

First off as a disclaimer, I am not a scientist or biologist and don’t proclaim to be. Although I am a human being, my terminologies through my experiences are directly related to those experiences and will not fit into many viewpoints. Although my understanding on some points may eventually vary as research dictates, the overall basis that drives the inventions is sound.

Nicolas Tesla, as an inventor, had experiences that Thomas Edison called cheating, but through Tesla’s “cheating” experiences, his visions and intuitional knowledge, we have alternating current, radio, florescent lights and more. So what I am expressing below will likely not fit within any current belief or observational structure, just as Tesla’s did not. But as we know belief and observational structures are groupings of information, although supportive in many ways, may have limiting and controlling influences that do not take into consideration all possible realities and the totality of the universe.

So with that said, there is a basic misunderstanding in how space and the various atoms and particles in the universe are created, along with continued confusion about alternate realities.

To simply put it there are three main regions in the universe that we must understand. So let me start with the last as the third region, the one we know the most about, as our physical reality or normal-space; then working backwards through the second then the first.

The third and last region to be created, and most difficult to manipulate, is the region of the universe we call physical reality. This reality permits the practice of observational science; what we can, see, feel, smell and touch. However observational science only allows observation of what is observable, through our senses or instrumentation created from materials within the reference that makes up this physical reality. This is a form of hindsight science that assumes all things were created long ago, and are being manipulated by the unknown, as a gravitational and magnetic force. Although scientists know gravity and the magnetic nature hold galaxies, solar systems, stars, planets, moons, asteroids and all things together, they have no idea where gravity and the magnetic nature comes from, they only know that it is observable.

The second region in the universe and the second region created is nonphysical reality or could be called subspace. This region of the universe has basically been denied existence due to its elusive nature to observational science. This nonphysical reality region is made up of energy that is similar in content and organization at the subatomic level to physical reality, but is rapidly adjustable in overall groupings as elements, compound and thermal amplitude. The thermal amplitude or radiance of an atom’s particle is seen as a difference in color, as some colors are considered cooler in radiance and some are considered warmer in radiance. This nonphysical reality is vaguely detectable from within physical reality through the allusive observation from the human senses, but currently not through physical instrumentation. This may be difficult to understand, but physical reality is directly created from the nonphysical reality region. Our physical reality is created through the three dimensional reflection of nonphysical reality; but not as a reflection, like in a mirror or on a pool of water, like in physical reality. This three dimensional reflection takes place at a subatomic level of the nonphysical reality space and the various atoms and particles that make up the nonphysical reality region. To understand this three dimensional subatomic level reflection one must understand the general makeup of physical reality space and the various atoms and particles that make up the physical reality region.

To start, let’s break up an atom into its various parts; protons and neutrons and their internal quarks and their orbiting electrons. This structure in nonphysical reality is quite the same as those in the physical reality region. But the differing parts of an atom in the nonphysical reality region have great differences in thermal amplitude. This thermal amplitude, of let’s say a single electron, of an atom will determine the electrons three dimensional reflection in the physical reality region. So this same atom in a nonphysical realty region will have more electrons than the amount of electrons in the physical reality counterpart, seeing that some of the electrons in the nonphysical reality do not have the amplitude to reflect. But with the introduction of life to the physical reality region, through the amino acids in DNA, these non-reflected electrons from the nonphysical reality region will increase to the appropriate amplitude or radiance, as their energy passes through the particular amino acid, to reflection in the physical reality. Similar to the change in thermal amplitude or radiance of any given image in a glass mirror that passes through a piece of colored glass before the image reaches the mirror. So atoms from a particular element within the physical reality can be modified into another element from the amino acids alteration of thermal amplitude or radiance to reflection. We see this in new elements that have been introduced to the planet earth through amino acids during the development of physical reality life many millennia ago.

One thing to understand, the reflected atoms from the nonphysical reality are of the same structure but are not of the same type of energy. The particles of the physical reality atom have a much denser structure, decay rate and radiance than those of the nonphysical reality version. The physical reality version of any given reflected atom’s particles are of a different colder radiance and compacted version from their nonphysical reality counterpart. The reflected atoms of the physical reality are much different than a reflection we see in a mirror. These reflected atoms take on a life of their own and don’t move about with the movement of their non-reflected counterpart. Once they are reflected their relationship is somewhat severed, except for when another particle of a particular atom moves over to reflection from a change in color radiance. It is basically new creation of an atom and space in an altering region of the universe. This whole process gets much more dramatic as there are many levels of reflection and reflections of reflections, so there are many more regions as realities between the nonphysical to the one ultimate physical reality. This complexity also holds true with observational science and instrumentations created from within any given physical region that cannot detect the other reflected regions. All the various regions operate at differing natural laws that are in relationship to their level of reflected density or weight. These alternate realities are somewhat detected through the theoretical versions of science, but all regions as realities originate from the one nonphysical realty.

This nonphysical to physical reality reflection takes place within the first region of the universe. Whereas the nonphysical reality is directly created from this first main region of the universe through its magnetic nature and the physical reality is reflected within the first region of the universe through its reflecting nature. But nonphysical and physical realities do not and cannot become one with this first universal region. They are separate but are more of a separated overlay of the first universal region. This can be envisioned if one was to take four sheets of paper and lay them one on top of the other. Whereas the first and third sheets would be the first universal region and the second and fourth sheet would be the nonphysical and physical reality regions. The second sheet as the nonphysical reality with all possible data added to the sheet would remain separate from the first and third sheet. And the fourth sheet with all possible reflected data added would still remain separate from the first, second and third sheets. But data on the second sheet would reflect through the third sheet to the fourth sheet. Although within our universe there are many more sheets as reflected physical levels of reality, but with this basic understanding I am trying to identify the three main regions of our universe and not the totality in universal complexity.

This first region of the universe is much different then what we think of as a physical or a nonphysical space as a reality. This region of the universe is what we might relate to as a gravitational and magnetic force that has no space as energy and time, but has a reflective nature on the boundary between this region and a nonphysical and physical reality spatial regions. This first region of the universe could be described as no-space or vacuum-space. We can more appropriately understand this first universal region if one were to consider this first universal region as what we think of as a black hole. The black hole in space is separate from all possible nonphysical and physical realities, but is the underlayment to all space energy and time. A black hole could be considered as a hole in the fourth sheet as our physical reality region. And the event horizon would be energy made up of all possible nonphysical through physical reality regions as this hole passes through all sheets of reality as the nonphysical and all physical reality regions. But there are black holes that do not reach up through all the varying physical reality sheets as regions but would be observed as an accretion disk on those sheets or regions where the black hole does not penetrate. This first universal region is also glimpsed throughout space and more between galaxies but without the pocketed gravitational as a magnetic force that forms the event horizon energy border. So this first universal region, as with all universal regions, is separate from one another but overlaid on top of one another. And the first universal region has a magnetic and reflective nature that creates and manipulates the nonphysical and all physical reality sheets or regions.

So if we had the capacity to move into a black hole on our way to the first universal region we would be, in essence, traveling through all the varying reality sheets as regions. This same effect of traveling through all the varying reality sheets as regions happens within every active synapse in the brain. The active synapse accesses the first universal region by ripping a hole in all the universal regions or sheets. So the physical through nonphysical brain can access the first universal magnetic and reflective region and vice a versa. This hole created by the activated synapse also allows the nonphysical reality energy, as non-reflected energy, to pass to the physical reality region; that allows this nonphysical reality energy to travel throughout the human nervous system and into the physical reality space.  This nonphysical reality energy, that is traveling through the human nervous system and ultimately through the amino acids in the DNA, forces the reflection of ingested compounds (food) to make new compounds that we see as growth or refer to as life.

But as the multiverse brain travels up and down through all the varying reality sheets as regions, from conscious to subconscious in the nonphysical reality, created through the hole formed by the activated synapse, now within all the regional brains we access information from all the differing reality regions as we sleep. Some of this information can be retrieved as dreams, intuitions or visions that may have nothing to do with one’s current universal region. Whereas the first universal region would be a clear or see-through region that has a magnetic and reflective nature, this could be considered a clear region or medium that makes up the one universal mental component that is accessed through an activated synapse. So this would make the first universal region a magnetic and reflective region or a Clear Mental Medium.

For a better understanding find, my book AWARE by Gary Louis Warren on or

The book AWARE works forward, starting from the development of the first universal region in detail and up through a detailed description of the second nonphysical region’s creation and third, as creation through reflection, as the physical region. This book also suggests understandings for long forgotten inventions that can be recreated for beneficial day to day usage.

With this information is there a possibility of creating a manned vessel that can act as a large synapse and punch through to the first universal region and back again to a new location in an instant? Think of all the benefits of understanding how the human biological system is created and supported from the nonphysical region, through unwavering subconscious mental stability, up through a DNA organized reflection. What if we can create a large synapses like conduit (I have a working prototype)  that increases the flow of nonphysical reality energy into the human nerves system and with a disciplined mind can we regrow severed limbs or damaged organs and  will it elongate life to 900 + yrs like the ancient text proclaims, who has the answer to these research questions. Could we create a channeled like nonphysical energy flow through a DNA or DNA like medium and create new compounds in an instant?  If we were to use the appropriate DNA sources to flow the nonphysical energy through we can create sustenance (food) or building materials without waiting through the long growing and harvesting process. What if a synapse like energy conduit was built and that energy flow was attached to a simple device (I have a prototype) that would radiate that nonphysical energy flow into the surrounding atmosphere and slightly alter those surrounding physical atoms into a denser compound. This would instantly create a kind of energy shelled to protect structures from extreme weather conditions, cars and people from serious collision, maybe even space vessels from decompression, and more… Or what if we built a synapse like energy conduit and were able to convert that nonphysical energy flow into a physical electron flow as direct or alternating current at any point in space (is this what Tesla had envisioned but was missing the fundamental understanding to accomplish)…

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